Ironclad Platform Overview

An overview of the Ironclad platform, from a technical perspective.

Ironclad is a Digital Contracting Platform, a system for making and managing legal contracts.

What is so difficult about contracts, and why integrate with Ironclad in the first place? On the face of it, contract generation and metadata tracking can seem simple. However, there are several hidden complications, including:

  • Separating Contract Changes from Infrastructure Changes. Regulatory shifts, product updates, policy changes; all of these can result in updates to contract language and policy. With Ironclad, these changes can be made by non-technical contract experts, without changing a line of code in your application.
  • Handling Word Documents and Negotiation. Even the most straight-forward contracts may get negotiated, in which case the MS Word format becomes the standard. Ironclad handles Word file generation and editing, allowing your application to focus on the business process.
  • User Collaboration. Contracts often have many stakeholders involved, from the requester, to the negotiator, to the executive approver. Ironclad's UI fulfills the needs of a wide variety of users, allowing your application to focus on its primary personas.

Workflow Designer

Workflow Designer is Ironclad's no-code workflow platform for contracts. Like other no-code workflow platforms, it allows non-programmers to quickly create and maintain workflows, by exposing programming concepts, WYSIWYG form editing, and other primitives.

Unlike other workflow platforms, it puts document versioning at the center of every workflow.


Ironclad's Workflow Designer is a no-code workflow platform, that puts documents at the center of every workflow.

By keeping contract language templates and approval/signature policies in Workflow Designer, you can design your system so that non-technical contract experts can make language, policy, and form field updates, without changing a line of code. Ironclad's Help Center has more information about Workflow Designer.

Contract Workflows

Once a contract type has been set up in Workflow Designer, you can launch workflows of this type, either via API or through Ironclad's UI. The workflow UI serves as a centralized hub for everyone collaborating on a contract, from the business stakeholder who requested the contract, to the contract negotiator, to the executive approver.


Workflows are the collaboration hub for contracts.


The Ironclad Editor is an in-browser, docx-native editor, allowing users to edit contracts, comment on text, and accept changes. By interacting with Ironclad's API, your application can interface with these documents, without having to interface with the complexity of the underlying file format.


The Ironclad Editor provides in-browser, docx-native contract editing to streamline collaboration and negotiation.

Contract Repository

The Ironclad Repository helps manage all types of contractual obligations, allowing for searching, reporting, and linking completed contract documents and associated structured contract data.


The Repository manages completed contracts and structured contract data.