What's inside: webhook authentication, a new OAuth route, and many new API endpoints/webhooks!

What's New

Webhook Authentication

To supplement our existing webhook verification offering, we have now additionally released webhook authentication support.

New Webhooks

Workflow Step Updated

The newworkflow_step_updatedevent is triggered when a workflow transitions between the four steps of a workflow. The possibletransition values, in order of occurrence, are:

  • Create
  • Review
  • Sign
  • Archive

New API Endpoints

Return Information About the Authenticated User

  • After an OAuth client application has obtained an access token, it can make a request to the /userinfo endpoint to get user-related information. The data returned include the user's ID, email, username, and other profile details along with the scopes granted to the token.

Understand Workflow Activity

Update Workflow Status

  • If you need to pause a contract at the Review step, rather than canceling and restarting the contract when the time comes to continue negotiations, you can pause the workflow to clear up your Dashboard. When you pause a workflow, Ironclad updates your process reporting for the workflow. The time a workflow is paused is not included in the total time spent in Review.

Cancel Workflows

  • When you cancel a workflow, it cannot be undone. Only users with Admin permission in Ironclad can cancel workflows.

Upload Documents to Workflows

  • Upload one or more documents on an existing workflow
  • Upload one or more documents directly via a multipart request on workflow launch
    • Previously, users were only able to update hosted documents with public URLs at workflow launch. Now users will be able to natively upload multi-part documents at workflow launch.
      • POST /workflows
      • POST /workflows/async
  • Upload Signed Documents to a Workflow in the Sign Step
    • Upload a fully or partially signed document to a specified workflow that is in the Sign step. This is handy for documents that have a “wet” signature.
    • POST /workflows/{id}/upload-signed

What's Changed

GET Workflow Emails is now officially in GA (previously in beta)