What's inside: additional webhook events and filters for workflows/workflow schemas. Plus changes to the comments API and additional documentation on the workflow launch API.

What's New

New Webhooks!

We've added the following new webhooks:

  • workflow_roles_assigned
  • worflow_signer_added
  • workflow_signer_removed
  • workflow_signer_reassigned
  • workflow_signature_packet_signatures_collected
  • workflow_signature_packet_fully_signed

You can see all of these webhook events and their descriptions here.

User Filter Formulas in GET All Workflows API

Filter all workflows using a formula. Supported formula operations include: Equals, Contains, AND, OR. For more information on writing formulas, please refer to this article.

What's Changed

Changes to POST Comments API

POST workflows/{id}/comment API is being deprecated and is changing slightly to: POST workflows/{id}/comments

We will continue to support the legacy API for the time being, but we recommend moving to POST workflows/{id}/comments at your earliest convenience.

What's changed:

  • We've changed the return payload of POST /comments to return the comment object and 200 instead of a 204.
  • We added an optional Body Parameter repliedToActivityFeedMessageId . You can use this to specify the comment you want to reply to.

List All Workflow Schemas

  • We have released a new header to List All Workflow Schemas
  • You can now pass in a header x-as-user-email or x-as-user-id to filter the list of workflow schemas based on the permissions of a user associated with the specified user email or id . Permissions can be launch, view, or both. This corresponds to the permissions in Understanding and Managing Permissions

New Documentation of Workflow Launch API Fields

  • We've added a few important fields to the documentation for workflow launch:
    • draft: the publicly hosted file needed to be used for launching a third party paper contract
    • paperSource: the field needed to indicate if this is a counterparty paper or our paper when a template has both options