What's inside: ServiceNow integration guide; API support for Ironclad IDs, contract families, additional workflow document properties, and deleting record attachments.

What's New

ServiceNow Integration Guide

Check out our new integration guide for connecting the Ironclad API with ServiceNow!

Ironclad ID

In our Q1 2023 Release Notes, we released Ironclad IDs: a simplified unique identifier for the entire contract lifecycle. Ironclad IDs are now supported in the API as well. Read more in our records guide and see example usage in Create a Record.

Contract Families

In our Q3 2022 Release Notes we announced support for Contract Families and Parent/Child relationships in our contract hierarchies. You can now update these relationships via the SetParent and SetChild objects in our Records API:

Delete an Attachment on a Record via the API

Please see the documentation here: Delete an Attachment on a Record

What's Changing

Workflow Document Properties

We've added new properties for workflow documents. These properties are accessible on the following endpoints:

  • GET /workflows
  • GET /workflows/{workflowId}
  • POST /workflows

Document Properties:

  • versionNumber
  • lastModified (timestamp)
  • Author
    • You can see the Author object on workflows when a document is modified. To learn more about the different types of authors and associated information please see List All Workflows

Please reach out to Ironclad support ([email protected]) with any questions or feedback!